Our industrial sheds are ideal for construction businesses and trades. Wood shop, metal shop, mechanic shop, welding shop, or any shop to fit your industry, we can deliver with efficiency and quality.

Our versatile design system allows us to work with a lot of layouts, as well as optional add-ins and extras. Whether you’re building a workshop or an open-space roof for a sports centre, we can customise a solution for you. If you have special considerations for insulation, higher voltage tools and temperature control – we have those covered, too.


Our industrial sheds are constructed with either welded-web truss or robust I-Beam and rafters, and reliable Z-Section purlins and girts for a high-quality steel framing system. The strength of the I-Beam and web truss combination enables you to create spans large enough to be an aircraft hangar, or for storing tractors or installing a crane rail. While they need to be crane-lifted into place, the frames are 100% constructed and ready for the sheeting.

All sheds are built with high-tensile brackets, bolts and connections, and high-quality Bluescope parts to guarantee the longevity of your shed.

Last but not least, we design all our industrial sheds using Australia’s leading shed software solution. This gives you a full-scope solution for your project, engineered according to any wind speed or location in Australia.


Beyond skill and expertise, we care about our clients. We provide a customer experience that’s difficult to find elsewhere. We value your time and money, and thus, make sure everything we build brings equal or even greater value.

We guarantee that our design, construction, and ability to custom-fit will satisfy you every step of the process – from conceptualisation to closing.


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